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How to set up SeaClear to give audible alerts when you drop a GPS signal


By default SeaClear only shows your GPS status in the top left panel.  When you have a GPS signal the panel goes grey and says GP, all is well, you will be plotted on the charts.

If the GPS signal is dropped (or even the Bluetooth connection in the case of our own wireless GPS sets) the panel will turn RED and say DR.  In this case SeaClear will continue plotting DR using your last speed and direction, but it won't be your actual position.

It is very clear when you look at SeaClear whether you are in DR mode (RED) or GP mode (GREY)...  But it would be good to have an audible warning when your GPS signal is dropped.


So here's how to do this if you are using our "Charts for SeaClear" 2012 versions.

Step1.   Download this little .WAV file.  Click here to download  You may need to get your browser to "Save as", these files tend to play automatically in Windows Media Player... you need to save the little .WAV file

Step 2.   Have a look on your Disc C where you installed the big folder called  "VMH_SC_Inst_?.2012".  Double click that folder and locate another folder within it called "1".  Open that folder "1" and put the Ding.WAV file you've just downloaded into it.

Step 3.  Get SeaClear going in the normal way, then choose Tools and Properties, as below:


Step 4. Choose "Other" tab from the properties window.  Check  "Sound On" as below:

Step 5.  Click save.


NOW if you have a GPS connected and the box is grey and showing GP, all will be quiet.  IF you drop a GPS signal for ANY reason, and the box turns red (DR mode) you will get the most awful series of noises to alert you.

This feature is easy to turn on and off using the method shown in the above screenshot.  It could be a very useful safety feature if you are going along at sea... at least you'll know if you have a GPS position.

If you are using our own wireless GPS sets and you loose the BLUETOOTH or the GPS connection, that alarm will sound if switched on.  If the Bluetooth connection is lost for more than a few seconds it WILL NOT automatically re-connect when (say) the laptop is brought closer to the GPS.  In these cases if  you have a green and blue flashing light on the GPS, but no GP position in SeaClear... CLOSE SeaClear and then RE-START it.  It will then lock on.

We think the audible alarm is a very useful safety feature on all SeaClear installations.

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