HOW TO... Chart selection in SeaClear, Get Started

Once you've installed the VisitMyHarbour "Charts for SeaClear" package on your PC/Laptop, you'll need to see how to get around in it.

Right Clicking on the screen is the key

See this SHORT video:


We often get asked why the pre-loaded charts in SeaClear don't have descriptive names, just numbers. The answer is that SeaClear is pretty good at finding the right charts without you having to choose anything...  once you master using your RIGHT click on the screen.

DO NOT use your mouse wheel to try and change charts, it just makes the current image bigger and smaller.  These charts are designed to be used at 100% size only.

By default (and you can change this later), our SeaClear packages are pre-set to always display the largest scale chart available when you left click anywhere on the screen.

Starting with the world map that appears on start-up, left clicking will bring up the largest scale chart at the point of your cursor on screen.   You may get marina pontoons, rather than the approaches to the marina, etc.

To get the overview scale chart, "back out" of that close up view by RIGHT clicking the screen, highlight Charts, then click "Smaller Scale".   You will back out of that view one scale of chart.  Repeat as required.

Once you have a big enough overview (say of a proposed passage).. LEFT clicking anywhere, say a possible stopping place, will bring up the largest scale chart of that spot.   Use RIGHT click(s) as explained above to back out of that view.

Using the combination of RIGHT click to force a smaller scale chart, and LEFT click to bring up the largest scale chart... You will automatically be able to find any chart covering any area (that's covered by the package you have).



Routes you plan using the route editor can span multiple charts.  You can examine your route (and adjust) on any chart it crosses, large or small scale.

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