HOW TO... install Charts for SeaClear: DVD

This very short video show how simple it is to install our  SeaClear chart packages from USB dongle, or DVD

The video shows a Windows XP installation.

Anti-Virus issues...

At present, Jan 2016 no AV issues reported.


Important Notice:  After installation, the first time you start the SeaClear package it will be VERY SLOW TO START. It can take 45+ Seconds. The sequence is EULA... click "I agree" after reading, Splash Screen (warns you that printing is disabled while the package is running), then SeaClear starts and a world map appears. Please be patient.

Subsequent starts will be much faster, around 7 seconds, chart changes around 1.5 seconds.


The screenshots below show a Windows 7 installation:

Open the DVD or USB out to Folder View (look what is in it), then click on "Computer" to show internal and external drives.

Drag the big folder "VMH-Charts" straight from the DVD Folder into your Disc C

Do not try and park this anywhere else (My Documents, Program Files etc.), it needs to go straight onto Disc C, as it is.

At this point you can see it going across, it can take a few minutes, the folder is almost 400-800MB in size.

Now drag across the 3 shortcuts straight to your desktop




It is now ready to use, the top shortcut launches SeaClear loaded with the charts, the middle shortcut opens a folder with the official SeaClear manual in PDF form. Print this off and read the terms for using SeaClear on the back page. This folder also contains other useful programs and PDFs.

The botton folder is the embedded help manual written by technical author Richard Fairman BA

The best plan now is to print the official SeaClear manual, and then start navigating around "Charts for SeaClear", to see what is in it.

To uninstall... Simply delete the folders you've just dragged across. No changes to the registry have been made, it will be removed cleanly. You may need to restart your PC to delete.
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