SeaClear Unleashed... The Book

Not many navigation programs/systems actually have a book written about them...

SeaClear does !  and we've got it here...

"SeaClear Unleashed" gives the user a great way to learn about the full potential of this remarkable navigation program.  It enables the SeaClear user to try out all its features, while having a physical hard copy book in their hands to refer to.

Written by technical author Richard Fairman BA, this 169 page A4 sized book with glossy colour cover takes over where the 30 page official manual leaves off.  In an easy to understand and consistent style it will enable the SeaClear user to really unleash the full potential of this feature rich (and FREE) program.

For those who use our "Charts for SeaClear" packages, "SeaClear Unleashed" the book is a useful companion for getting the very best out of their installations.

For those who feel more comfortable experimenting with a program while having an instruction book open in front of them...  this is the way to go.

RRP £17.99   FREE P&P UK only.   Available for same day despatch direct from us, 30 money back guarantee as always.

Buy "SeaClear Unleashed" the book by Richard Fairman BA  Total inc. UK delivery £17.99



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