SeaClear-Latest W10 update breaking existing installations..

Don't you just love it..

The latest Windows 10 update (May 2018) seems to be causing longstanding "Charts for SeaClear"  installations to break..after years.

This only affects Charts for SeaClear, not Unified Charts, ChartSticks or anything else.  Nor are there any issues with older OS, like XP, Vista or 7


Affected users please find your original DVD or USB and have that to hand. ANY possible cures we may find will need the original media.

Situation 25th May:  The quick possible cure below is not fixing it at all.  We will have to investigate further and see if we can come up with a fix. Hopefully by the end of next week we will know more.

As many of you well know, Charts for SeaClear have been selling and working reliably in their current form since 2013. Blame Microsoft Windows for this disruption, not us.

Note:  We are getting reports that this update has broken other things inc.  Bluetooth GPSs, and that rolling back has worked in restoring SeaClear.

So far the only solution is rolling back that update

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